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Quick View Super Zenith 8X40
12% Off

Super Zenith 8X40

Perfect for Sports and Hunting

  • Model No. 8X40ZCF
  • 8X40mm
  • Rugged, Water-proof Built.
Rs. 11,000Rs. 12,500
Quick View Super Zenith 7x50
8% Off

Super Zenith 7x50

Perfect for Sports and Hunting

  • Model No. SRA-750NV
  • 7X50mm
  • Rugged, Water-proof Built.
Rs. 11,500Rs. 12,500
Quick View Olympus 7x35 DPS I

Olympus 7x35 DPS I

Featuring durable high-quality finish and extra wide field of view ...

  • 7x magnification
  • Durable, high-quality finish with sure-grip rubber coating
  • UV protection to protect eyes against the sun's harmful rays
  • Wide-angle field of view for fast-moving subjects
Rs. 12,500
Quick View Olympus 8x40 Trooper DPS Binocular
4% Off

Olympus 8x40 Trooper DPS Binocular

The Olympus 8x40 Trooper DPS Binocular lets y...

  • Traditional BK7 Porro Prisms
  • Anti-Reflection Coated Lenses
  • Ultraviolet-Radiation Protection
  • Wide 65° Apparent Angle of View
Rs. 13,500Rs. 14,000
Quick View Olympus 8-16X40 ZOOM DPS I
6% Off

Olympus 8-16X40 ZOOM DPS I

Zoom in on what matters most

  • Powerful 8-16x zooming capability
  • Sure-grip rubber coating
  • UV-Protection
  • Large centre focus knob for fast easy focusing
Rs. 16,500Rs. 17,500
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