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Quick View Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS M
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Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS M

This Canon EF-M Lens Adapter Kit enables you ...

  • Enables you to Mount Canon EF and EF-S Lenses onto the Canon EOS-M mirrorle
  • Fully compatible with all lens functions, including image stabilization and
  • Also included are the Camera Cover R-F-3 and EB Lens Dust Cap
Rs. 15,500Rs. 17,000
Quick View Sigma MC-11 Mount Converter/Lens Adapter
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Sigma MC-11 Mount Converter/Lens Adapter

The MC-11 Mount Converter enables the use of ...

  • Adapt EF-Mount Lens to Sony E Body
  • Integrated LED Displays Compatibility
  • Maintains Autofocus and Auto-Exposure
  • Supports In-Camera Correction Features
Rs. 35,000Rs. 38,500
Quick View Metabones Nikon F Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera

Metabones Nikon F Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera

Mount your Nikon F lens to your Sony E-mount ...

  • Nikon F Lens to Sony E-Mount
  • Brass Construction with Chromium Plating
  • Flocked Interior to Limit Flare
  • Infinity Focus
Rs. 65,000
Quick View Metabones Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Sony E Mount

Metabones Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Sony E Mount

Bring out your Canon EF and EF-S mount lenses...

  • Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Sony E-Mount Body
  • Works with Full-Frame and APS-C Cameras
  • Switch for In-Body Image Stabilization
  • Support for Phase- & Contrast-Detect AF
Rs. 94,000

Nikon and Canon Lens Adapters

One of the best quality of mirrorless cameras is that due to their extremely thin body design,  possible to mount a large array of lenses on them using lens mount adapters and still achieve infinity focus. Unless otherwise noted, the adapters collection are essentially hollow tube spacers than make up the differences in body depth.
If you’re looking for adapters for full-frame mirrorless canon cameras to take advantage of the full angle of view of legacy lenses. Canon lens adapter price in Pakistan is not very reasonable but it is worth buying if you are a sincere photographer and take this skill professionally.

Buy Best Lens Adapters Online in Pakistan!

The best adapters are the wireless Focus & Aperture Controller Adapter Lenses for the best canon to Nikon cameras is a wireless remote adapter controller that allows you to mount your mount lens on your camera and control your lens directly, allowing you to smoothly control the focus and iris setting of your lens without relying on your camera's electronics.
The greatest feature of the best canon to Nikon lens adapter is its remote hand grip display lens information. The hand grip and adapter communicate using a radio signal, which allows wireless communication up to 328' away. You can manually convert focus or set an A and B focus position and control the speed of the focus change. The unit gives permission you to quickly open the iris to set your focus and then return the iris to your shooting stop. The entire unit comes in a tiny hard carry case.