Boya BY-VM190P

Super-Cardioid Microphone
  • Studio recording quality
  • Integrated Shock Mount
  • Foam Windshield included
  • Foam Windshield included
Product Code: BY-VM190P
Brand: Boya
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The BOYA BY-VM190P has a super-cardioid pickup pattern to capture audio from the front,
while minimizing pickup from the sides and rear. It’s compact and lightweight design with a rugged construction
that's ideal for use with HDSLR cameras, camcorders, and audio recorders.

Integrated shockmount conveniently mounts the microphone onto any camera accessory shoe
while effectively suppressing handling and vibration noise. Three gain settings(-10dB, 0dB, +10dB) help adjust the level of sound capture
whether from a close-up or long shot, while a bass roll-off switch cuts low-frequency noise. One 9 Volt battery can be used for approximately 100 hours.
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